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Typewriters (2021)

The installation consists of sound, one type lint and two typewriters. One ‘real’ typewriter full with clay and
plaster, and one typewriter of aluminium. This typewriter had drops falling up from the keys. The keys and the drops can be interpreted in different ways. When you would use this typewriter, you will hurt your fingers. Besides that, the drops are a reference to the process (lost wax method). At the same time, I ask myself questions about the function of the typewriter, because of this installation. Both typewriters
aren’t functioning like they are supposed to. However, the function of the typewriter is more than just to type. The sound is also a huge part of the typewriter. The question is, are these typewriters still typewriters?
They function way different than ‘real typewriters’, They are recognizable, but at the same time they are different, and they both went through a process. One typewriter has started to rust, the other one is made of completely different material.
Besides the image of the typewriters and the type lint, the installation also consists of a sound. This sound is made by two (deformed) sounds of typewriters. One sound is a real typewriter; the other sound is the sound of the aluminium typewriter.


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