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Named Lieve, meaning "dear, sweet, nice" in Dutch, I question whether these traits ascribed to me are intentional or unconscious, wondering what came first, my name or my qualities. Perhaps the darkness in my work is a response to my ladybug-adorned (ladybug translated to Dutch; lieveheerstbeestje) childhood bedroom. This contrasts with my upbringing in a house with a nuclear cellar, which I used as a studio for several years. The house was surrounded by crows, and during summers, I would spend time sailing in the wild landscape of Zeeland. 


The influence of working as an employee at an art foundry is evident in my aluminum sculptures. Additionally, I am deeply inspired by the day-to-day experiences at the foundry, such as the worn-down overalls, the tools, and the materials. I am actively experimenting with these elements and striving to translate them into my own practice, incorporating them into my sculptures.

Together with Dani Andres (Sandberg alumnus) we started our collaborative project ‘’An Ode To the Bronze Foundry’’. We seek knowledge about the foundry's process, its theoretical context, and history through our sculptures. Our collaboration, enriched by our personal cultural differences—I am Dutch, and Dani is Colombian—received a subsidy from Stichting Stokroos in December 2023. Besides the bronze foundry, I explore themes surrounding darkness, rawness and death. I explore these through different objects I collect such as birds, typewriters and rosaries and the various materials I use, such as aluminum, bronze, wax, sand and plaster moulds and ceramics. The final materiality of the sculptures I produce has a roughness that gives the sculptures an honest character by accentuating the traits of the specific material on purpose. In this manner, there is a quality of fast energy while creating and allowing the material to be. In all my materials and objects, I find an intense beauty, revealing the rawness of my whole approach. I consider myself a sculptor, but also venturing into painting, where I transparently express rawness, often combined with found materials. Because I'm not a painter by nature, you can see my struggle with painting and my unfamiliarity in the work, which exudes a 'rough energy.’

Group Exhibitions 

2024 Noxious weeds (Butfilmfestival, Breda)

2024 Limburg Biënnale (Odapark, Venray)

2024 Metal et al (Extrapool, Nijmegen)

2024 Plakboys editie (Nachtzuster, Tilburg)

2023 Speaking to unfamiliar walls (kunstpodium T, Tilburg)

2023 Einfühlung / ashes / mouth / void / mania / ssssshhh - Kunstpodium T x Omstandt - Arnhem

2022 Noch drijven, noch zinken - IDFX Breda

2022 Vooruitzien - Zwijndrecht (asked by Niko de Wit)

2022 I See A Red Door And I Want It Painted Black (graduation show at Jan van Ligthart School)

2022 APE-KOOL -  Melkfabriek, 's-Hertogenbosch

2021 I Want - Galerie de verdieping, Moergestel


2024 De wereld die nooit was (Sis Josip gallery, Den Haag)


2023 Omstand - Arnhem


2023 - ...        Staff member at PARK, Tilburg

2022 - ...        Bronze foundry Kemner, Cuijck

2022 - ...        Freelancer (artist-)teacher  in Fine Arts

2022 – 2022 Supervisor of first-year camp at camping Viervaart for the ABV  

2022 – 2022 Art teacher at De Nieuwste School

2021 – 2021 Curator exposition with first years at Nachtzuster

2020 – 2020 Organisator of event, ArtFact


2013 – 2018  De Nieuwste School (graduated Havo diploma)

2017 – 2017  Fontys School of Fine and performing Arts – preliminary education (achieved)

2018 – 2022  Fontys School of Fine and performing Arts – Bachelor of Fine Arts and Education (ABV)

* Member of student panel during accreditation,

* Projects for EKWC and Art-Fact (for external companies within Fontys)

* Minor: 1 year internship at Make Eindhoven

* Graduated with thesis about the artist-teacher and the studio of the artist. 


2023 Murf/murw no.12

2021 I Want More publication

2020 Printed book ‘’Kopieën van Lieve van den Bijgaart’’


2023 Artist talk with apprentice master + Peter van Es

2022 Artist talk with Mike Anna (finissage IDFX)

2021 Koen van der Biezen (impresario of the arts)

2021 Peter van de Wouw (exposition at Galerie de Verdieping)

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