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Glazed typewriters (2020)

This work originated from a collaboration between Fontys hogeschool voor de kunsten and Sunday morning at EKWC. Normally glaze is smooth. Bums, blemishes, craters and pinholes shouldn’t end up in the glaze. In my research about glaze, I was looking for unpredictable blemishes, craters and pinholes. I did this research in combination with the color blue, which causes more crumps and gives for certain more depth in the glaze. Eventually I put the final verse of the glaze on a recognizable shape: the typewriter. The contrast between the shiny unpredictable glaze and the trusted old typewriter appealed to me.
This work consists of 3 different typewriters with all a different kind of glaze - which is a result of my glaze research. My work is captured in a white space, what emphasizes the shape and the glaze of my work.

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